Saturday, February 5, 2011

Brief History

Dustin and I met through my sister Sierra Lyn. She was living in provo and dating Dustin's roomate at the time. A lot of our dating was over skype and the phone since we dated long
distance for about 9 months.

We would meet halfway. Some times he would drive to Idaho, or I would drive to Utah. We just couldn't be apart for too long.

We love the time we can be together now because we know how terrible being apart is. The best part about our courtship is how we got to know each other so well over the long distance period. We got engaged in September in DISNEYLAND in front of the castle. He said there was no way I could say no because he's never seen me happier.. he was probably right!

Dustin made the big move to IDAHO! He loves it here and was kind enough to transfer to ISU since I'm already graduated with a wonderful job. What a

We got married in the Idaho Falls Temple on December 30th, 2011 and we couldn't have had a better first
month of marriage! No complaints... yet.. haha

First Post!

Dustin and I have decided to start to blog our lives! Wish us luck!!!